15 New HQ Stills from ‘The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn 2′

What an exciting day, not only did we get news about the Breaking Dawn 2 camping details, got our first look at the final Breaking Dawn 2 poster, but now Summit has sent us 15 high quality stills from Breaking Dawn 2 some of which are featured in the US Weekly special Breaking Dawn collectors issue.  Enjoy!!

  • Sinead

    Finally! Some Volturi. You'd be forgiven for thinking they aren't that important to the whole movie, the way the promotional team treats them.
    You could argue they were less important to the plot of NM, but the figured majorly in the pre-promotion of that film. There was even a Volturi group image. Here in BD2, barely anything. :(

  • Dana

    This getting utterly ridiculous- I am sorry but, release photos of nearly every new character- yet none of the Nomads? E.g. Mary, Peter, Charlotte, Randall. Where are our pictures of them hm?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cofyjunky Jenn Lawson

    Love the stills! Just got my ticket today! 12:01 a.! Woo hoo!

  • Kim78

    The pics are GREAT but I'm not too crazy about the poster & the lack of Renesmee on it.

  • http://twitter.com/VampirLiebling Evelina

    aaaaaaah!! new pic from the volturi!!! LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!

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