The Final Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn 2 Poster Revealed

The final Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn 2 poster has officially been revealed and it is AMAZING.  The finality of this last poster makes me feel a little sad, but still SO excited to watch Breaking Dawn 2 in November!

Via : Thinking of Rob

  • http://www.facebook.com/bianka.schaefer Bianka Schaefer

    Awww at least Garrett is on it <3

  • Sinead

    That's the worst one yet. They look stupid.
    Summit ruin this series on so many levels.

  • http://twitter.com/lklovelw1 Liam Karaitiana

    They look like idiots, like they cant even run properly and why have such unimportant characters in the back where is Renesmee? or the volturi i thought as the main antagonist they would be in the poster.

  • http://twitter.com/AkuFerra Ferra Usin

    stop hates twilight !
    if u dont like just dont like..no need say worst words..

  • Kim78

    I really don't like it. #1 – WHERE is Renesmee?????? #2 – WHERE are the rest of the Cullens?????? #3 – WHY isn't Jacob in wolf form if this is supposed to depict the “battle” scene?????? #4 – WHY are there more nomads on this poster than there are Cullens or Wolf pack members?????? Isn't this part of the story supposed to be about families coming together to protect Renesmee and she's not even on the poster?!?!?!?!? Renesmee isn't even in the 16 month calendar that they put out. #5 – WHY is the snow melting into water at the bottom of the poster????? WTF is that all about??? I don't know….it seems as though things (merchandise) have been rushed out for distribution, since the first movie, without another thought about the little things that are imperative to the story, such as the child they're ALL brought together to protect in the first place….I DEFINITELY think a little MORE thought / creativity could have been put into this poster, seeing as they've had 1.5 years to think about things like this; to get it right, for the very last time.

  • ForeverTwilight26

    I think this poster is one of the good ones. I am a little upset that Renesmee is not in the poster but it sort of makes sense why she isn't. In the trailer, she is away from the battle while the others, including Edward and Bella, are running into battle. That is what this poster is about: the final battle. If Renesmee is not in the final battle, I feel like there is no need to have her on the poster. I love the colors and I think this one is my favorite poster out of all five movies. I can't wait for November :)

  • http://twitter.com/VampirLiebling Evelina

    it looks awfull…my opinion…i'm kind of dissapointed :(

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