Next Movie: Lessons Learned from Being a Male Twi-Hard

Here is the second to last column from Next Movie’s Confessions of Being a Male Twi-Hard!

This will be my second to last entry. The final one will be after I watch”Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” So, as a way to kind of sum up these last two years, I’ve written my”Twilight” thoughts, lessons and experiences A-Z since starting the column.


I’ve thought long and hard on this one, and if I could date any vampire, it’d be Alice. One, she can see the future, which would really help with my sports gambling. Two, she’s super cute. Ashley Greene is hot, but she never looks as goods as she does with that pixie Alice haircut.


You would think that “Twilight” bloggers are shut-ups who only eat Lipton soup, own 12 cats and cry every night in front of Access Hollywood. However, everyone I’ve met seems normal, social, has a sense of humor and is (very) willing to talk about other topics besides Team Jacob.

MTV Movie Awards

I’m really worried about this awards show post-”Twilight Saga.” What are they going to nominate?


I didn’t even complete half of my Twi-Hard Bucket List that I wrote in my first post. At that point, it felt like “Twilight” would never end and I’d have more time to do everything. But let this be a lesson to all you young ones — life goes by before you know it.


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  • http://twitter.com/Goslingsawagrin Kyle Jung Mun Lim

    well I am team jacob and team Josh

  • KAM

    like your comment about bloggers. I've got a Twilight sweatshirt i wear sometimes and everyone's always like “You like Twilight?” and they ask in a way that's cautious as if i was about to go into a fangirl rant about it while they start to shy away like getting ready to run. followed by, “Are you, like, obsessed with it?” I'm like, “….ummm….I LIKE it…i don't know what more you're looking for.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/malik.arslansajawal Malik Arslan Sajawal

    i like your movies because i love you and you team….
    wish you al the best…

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