Nikki Reed is Down for More “Twilight”

In a recent interview with Yahoo Movies, Nikki Reed talks about about the real end of the Saga approaching in the coming weeks.

“Breaking Dawn – Part 2″ is supposed to mark the film franchise’s end, but rumors are swirling over possible spinoffs — perhaps even on the small screen. Is the end of “Twilight”really here? “As far as I know it is,” said Reed, adding, “But listen, I’m sitting here like the rest of the fans. I’m a fan too. If they told me there’s more, I’d say, ‘Cool, where do I sign up?’ I love these movies.”

Nikki even talked about how she and Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) stuck together as they began the journey of quitting smoking. Love their friendship!

Reed also described a time when she and “Twilight” costar Elizabeth Reaser decided to quit smoking — around the time they were filming “Eclipse.” At Reaser’s suggestion, Reed recalled, the two actresses got apartments next to each other, went to the gym together and operated as a mutual support system. “That was such an unforgettable moment for me,” said Reed.

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  • Lana Del Slay

    So am I, lol.

  • me

    I can't wait 4 Bd part 2!!!! But also, Midnight sun …that book has to be public for the fans.. we love twilight!

  • http://twitter.com/angelaporco angela porco

    that would be awesome !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/julia.szewczyk.18 Julia Szewczyk

    I love twilight,i know everything about it and i just love it,cant wait until 4th bit comign out!!!!!

  • twilight<3

    OMG THE END BETTER NOT BE COMING! what else will i look foreward to from now on?:/

  • suzanne

    Nicki is so tallented new parts should be rolling in

  • wooptwilight

    I hope twilight get a new begining, I don't want it to end! Love them so much!

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