‘Breaking Dawn part 2′ tracking to be the biggest of all the Twilight films

Deadline is reporting today that Breaking Dawn part 2 is already tracking to be breaking Breaking Dawn part 1′s record , and may end up being the biggest of all the Twilight films.

According to Deadline :

The final installment of the 5-film Twilight Saga just came on tracking today. And my sources say Breaking Dawn Part 2 which opens November 16th is comping at Part 1‘s record-breaking levels. Plus advance ticket sales are running 16% ahead as well. Summit Entertainment like most studios uses several tracking services, and I’ve learned that Part 2‘s unaided is equal or ahead of Part 1 – so that make it higher than any of the other Twilight pics. Awareness also is the highest and, in fact, already in the 90s for females. Not only is Breaking Dawn Part 2 tracking better than any other film in already or about to open in the domestic box office before mid-November but it’s even better than James Bond – 72 awareness for Skyfall vs 88 for Breaking Dawn Part 2. (Skyfall opens November 9th.)

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