Book Signing of The Twilight Saga: Complete Film Archive in Burbank on Sunday November 4th

If you are in Burbank for the last Twilight Convention this coming weekend you might want to stick around for the following book signing for The Twilight Saga: Complete Film Archive! Here are the details!

WHO’S SIGNING: Author and film critic Robert Abele (http://www.lafca.net/members/robert_abele.html)

Peter the nomad – actor Erik Odom (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3241634/)

Mary the nomad – actress Toni Trucks (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1926337/)

SIGNING WHERE: http://www.DarkDel.com/ — again, they’re soooooo very close to the Burbank Airport Marriott.  This is the perfect post-con signing event late Sunday afternoon.

WHEN: This Sunday November 4th, 2012
WHAT TIME: 4 p.m. onward

Books ideally should be pre-ordered from the store before the signing, via Del and Sue at 1-888-DARKDEL(818-556-6660).  We also have Bella, Edward, Jacob character teaser posters, as well as the “running trio” final theatrical one-sheet – all already signed by Bill - for the first 40 customers who pre-order with the store.  We’re trying to get extra posters on hand for the signing, and they will, of course, have books to sell on hand for purchase and signing as well.

There are some limitations on what can be signed at the book signing so be sure to contact the store with any clarifications!

Thanks Jack Morrissey!

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