Kellan Lutz talks ‘Twilight’ and Emmett with MSN UK

Kellan Lutzh recently talked with MSN UK about Twilight,his character Emmett and more.

Here’s an excerpt from their interview :

Yvette Short: You have probably been asked this a gazillion times, but, can you reveal any little hints about what viewers can look forward to in the final Twilight Movie?
Kellan: It’s my favourite movie. The movie just drives continuously, there’s a lot of action. The movie sticks to the book.

Vicky: If you could be any Twilight character apart from Emmet who would you be?
Kellan: I haven’t played the bad guy in a while, so I would play Arro.

Tess: Hey Kellan!! xx !! You are the GREATEST, I love you!! I think you are an amazing actor and model and the perfect EMMETT CULLEN!!
Kellan: I love you all. I’m so proud to have been your Emmett and thank you for all the passion that you have for Twilight.

Andie: What are you going to miss most about twilight?
Kellan: Everything. From the cast, to the crew and directors. Mainly all the fans who’ve made it all possible. Being able to do press tours is great.

Riya: What colour socks are you wearing?
Kellan: I’m wearing black socks now. I have to be professional. No one really knows or sees your socks. It can be my independence!

Vironika: What was the weirdest thing you had to sign for a fan? :D #msnkellan
Kellan: A lady wanted us to sign their chest and she told us after she was going to get a tattoo and I always wondered if she did. Sometimes they say ‘will you sign my baby’. I have to draw the line somewhere!

Vironka: Hi Kellan. What was the craziest costume you’ve ever wear on Halloween?
Kellan: I really had no costume one year, so I made one. I made a really creepy old-person mask. So I was an old person who would wet themselves! I made the costume. You had this pump like a turkey baster hat made it looked like you wet yourself!

Lauren Kyle: In what ways are you similar (or different) to Emmett? What was your favorite part of playing him?
Kellan: I’m like Emmett through and through. He’s a fun-loving uncle, I side with everything that he believes in. He loves life to the full, just like me.


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