Watch MTV First : Rob, Kristen and Taylor

Watch this clip from last nights MTV First with Rob, Kristen and Taylor.


Source : MTV

  • BillaBong_Girl

    is there a youtube version?

  • Kim78

    I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this interview with them!! IMO, it's the BEST YET! Kristen was SO HAPPY, VERY animated, and ALL smiles. She sent a GOOD deal of time laughing and joking around with Josh, Rob, & Taylor. There was MINIMAL nervous twitching & stuttering. It was a COMPLETELY different side of her that the public hasn't been privy too & it was NICE!!! I can definitely see WHY Rob likes her; he KNOWS a TOTALLY different side of her that we don't. Josh Horowitz ALWAYS does AWESOME interviews with them and has a way of making Kristen feel VERY cmmfortable,bringing her out of her shell! Also, BRAVO to Josh for keeping the interview professional, without direct personal questions being asked. He did bring up their Halloween date night, with the creepy, clear masks they wore, I'm sure, as a way of acknowledging that they ARE together without coming right out & directly asking the about their personal status. TWO THUMBS UP, Josh!!!

  • http://twitter.com/megan_OM OLLY IS PUCKA

    It's on the MTV UK site

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