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Lexicon was able to sit down with Melissa Rosenberg during the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Junket last week. Here is some of their interview!

One of my favorite things when these books are made into movies is that point of view expands. The books are from Bella’s point of view, so unless she’s right there you only hear about things, or you have to surmise what happened in another location. In this movie the world opens up: we see Jake transform in front of Charlie, the acquisition of the witness vampires, and Irina in Volterra. Which of the expanded point of view scenes was your favorite to write?

Well certainly Jacob and Charlie. You picture that and you think, “well how did that happen?” Did Jacob just burst into fur, or did he probably take his clothes off first? And then if you’re Charlie, you’re like, “What’s going on boy, put your clothes on!” And when you know you have both of those actors (Billy Burke and Taylor Lautner) who are so great with comedy, you can really write to them, knowing their strengths.

I also liked writing the gathering of the vampires. Particularly them finding Garrett (Lee Pace). I spent a lot of time talking with Stephenie over this. She has very detailed backstories for all of them. Because you’re getting into meat-eaters now.

Exactly, you now have the T-Rexes of the vampires coming to Forks. The cuddly, vegetarian Triceratops Cullens aren’t the only ones.

Even Garrett, who is one of the good guys, is one, and that expands your range of what you can do with him. What is he like around people.

Who was the most fun of the new vampires to write dialogue for?

Definitely Garrett. Alistair too, he’s all gloom and doom, we’re all going to die.

That’s actually a very cool way he’s written in the film. I think on the pages of the novel he gets a little lost in that vast influx of vampires, and people just remember him as a moody guy who goes to the attic. They don’t have a firm sense of who he is. I felt when I watched the film that he was a bit of a foil to the optimistic outlook of the Cullens. He was the voice of reality. Did you feel that way in writing it?

That is suggested in the books too. He is sort of the naysayer. They’re all going, “It’s fine we’re going to win” and he’s going, “I’ve been around forever. I’ve seen a lot. It’s a load of crap. You are not going to win.”

I honestly wrote major scenes for all of the new vampires, and then it comes to decisions. Is the action of the storytelling slowing down or even stopping. You have to start picking, and you feel like you are killing your children. It came down to who is driving the story forward the most.

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