Next Movie Does ‘Twilight’ Garbage Pail Kids!

This is hysterical!

What does it say about our society that the Garbage Pail Kids have held on as relevant pop culture icons much more strongly than their goodhearted predecessors (and source of gonzo inspiration), the Cabbage Patch Kids?

Pretty much the same thing that’s said by the fact that people line up days ahead of time just to get a glimpse of R.Pattz’s face at the “Twilight” premiere.

But whatever. We’re here to make these two worlds collide … into a sticky, gooey mess. Here are some “Twilight” characters re-imagined as Garbage Pail Kids, courtesy of our twisted pal, Old Red Jalopy. ‘Cause this is the world we live in.

Head over to Next Movie to see them all!


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