Team Twilight Review of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

Team Twilight Review of Breaking Dawn Part 2

Thanks to Summit Entertainment I was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of Breaking Dawn Part 2 last week. I will keep my review short (and spoiler free) because I think it is important for all fans to experience this film as uninfluenced as possible! Due to all the posting I do for the site I had basically seen all the clips out there before seeing the film and while I wish I hadn’t, it didn’t take away from my love of the film! So here are my thoughts on the lastest and last (tears..) installment in The Twilight Saga!

As we know, the film picks up where Breaking Dawn Part 1 ends, with Bella waking up to her new life as a vampire. We get to see her first encounter with Edward and her new vampire family, her first hunt and of course her first meeting with Renesmee which is amazing! Anyone who still has any concerns about Bill Condon directing these films will be hard pressed to come up with reasons to support these concerns in this lastest film. Bill did an amazing job of including everything fans love and leaving fans satisfied. Bill Condon proved that he gets this fandom!

Seeing Bella as a strong, confident individual and Edward as a happy family man was so amazing. Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee was perfect in this role. As a viewer you completely buy this trio as a family. The chemistry is amazing. And speaking of chemistry…fans will NOT be disappointed with the vampire love chemistry between Bella and Edward. The chemistry is evident from Edward and Bella’s first encounter in the film to the last scene.

Now on to Taylor Lautner. Most readers of our site know that I am a big Taylor fan. It was so nice to finally get to see Jacob happy in this film. Taylor’s performance was great and even hysterical at times. He definitely showed his ability to handle comedy in future projects! My favorite scene was probably between Bella and Jacob when she finds out he imprinted on Renesmee. This scene is perfect in the film! Fans will not be disappointed and will probably feel badly for poor Jacob.

There were a ton of new actors added to the cast for this film, most as vampires brought in to support the Cullens. I was afraid that with so many new characters their performances would be lost in the film. I was completely wrong. Each new vampire brought something to the film and was so representative of the characters Stephenie Meyer wrote about her in books!

This is all I will say about the film for now. I really hope all fans are able to stay spoiler free. This film does have an amazing twist that is best experienced untainted. I will say the much talked about twist WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

The Twilight Saga is so many different things for so many different people..a love story..a story about achieving your dreams..a story about overcoming obstacles…a story about family and friendship. Bill Condon has been able to end this story in a way that I think will be satisfying for everyone..regardless of what this story means to you.

On a personal note, this saga has changed my life as I know it has changed so many others. I want to thank Stephenie Meyer, Bill Condon, Summit Entertainment, Team Twilight, Lindsay and all the friends I have made throughout this amazing journey!

Review by Angie Veach

  • Jessica Willow

    Thank you for everything you have put into this website over the past years, Team Twilight!

    I have just returned from seeing Part 2. I have to admit my eyes have turned into a waterfall of pathetic tears…

    This film is the most magical and rewarding end to an inspiring saga. You can truly see that this is a film made by fans for fans, and that every individual, from Stephanie Meyer, Bill Condon, Melissa Rosenburg and the production team to Kristen, Robert and Taylor and the incredible cast, have put their heart, soul, body and mind into this final film. Thank you with all my heart.

    Fellow fans, you will not be disappointed.

  • Kay

    Just saw the movie and I have to say I´m still in shock!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.julien.18 Kelly Julien

    I love the part 2, we live in Connersvill IN, We seen it at 10:00pm are time, hope there will be one more, everyone was great in it.I love Kristen, Robert and there dautghter resamay, hope to see more about them in the future. I hope Stephanie Meyers dose more with these charcter, they work will togather and had me from the first move and hate that it is all over now. What will I look forward to now.Thank you for the books and the moves Stephanie, I have injoy read and seeing the moves, this made the charcters reall for me and made me love them even more.

  • Talia

    That made me tear up at the end. It has changed my life as well, and I will continue to read the books, watch the movies, and stay involved in this fandom for a long time. Thank you for an amazing 5 years, what a wonderful journey it has been.

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