Stephanie Meyer & Bill Condon on Breaking Dawn part 2′s surprise ending

The L.A. Times caught up with Stephanie Meyer and Bill Condon where they talked about the new ending that surprised fans in Breaking Dawn part 2.  SPOILERS below :

For those of you who spent your weekend in the world of Forks, Wash., you know that the conclusion of the film is far different than the conclusion of the book. Rather than the meeting of the Volturi and the Cullen clan ending in a handshake and a “see ya later,” it concludes with a gory battle where many of your favorite vampires lose their immortal lives. Or does it?

As “Twilight” lore goes, the scene was constructed far before director Bill Condon arrived on the movie. Rather, it was hashed out in a meeting between Meyer and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg long before cameras ever rolled on “Breaking Dawn.” The new, much more active and engaging conclusion was one of the key reasons “Breaking Dawn” was even able to become a movie, considering the book’s filmic challenges.

And though the conclusion comes initially as a shock to fans, specifically when Carlisle Cullen’s head is first shown severed from his body, it’s all in the book, according to Meyer.

“The battle is exactly what Aro saw,” Meyer said during a pre-release interview. “There’s a moment in the novel when he’s staring at Bella and she’s looking back at him and feeling this assessment. And then everything turns. But we can’t see what he’s seeing. But what he’s seeing is, ‘It’s going to be a close fight, a lot of people are going to die and I’m probably going to die. I’m going to die.’ And for him, in my mind, the Volturi win the day. They do. They outnumber you. They would win. But they would be decimated. Their power would be crippled, and he realizes he’s not going to survive it and that’s what changes his mind.”

Meyer adds that the only element they changed was adding Alice. “We had Alice get involved so we could visually show it, but it’s all still there.”

Condon had a different take on how the battle would play out. “I wanted to kill all the major Volturi (which we ultimately did). Stephenie was nervous that if we wiped them out the audience would have been upset that it was merely Alice’s vision,” he said. “She wanted to kill many fewer Volturi, wipe out Emmett and Rosalie and some others on the Cullen side. I didn’t agree.”


What did you think about the surprise ending? Did you love it or hate it?



  • Mariangel

    Now that I understand everything, thanks to Bill and Stephenie, I loved it! Not as much as I love it right now that everything has logic. It's ended astonishingly.

  • http://twitter.com/GreendotEmo Jay Soxx Benji

    I thought it was brilliant the way it turned out. Had me literally on the edge, twisting and turning in my seat at the cinema. Perfect the way it is. Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.torres.39589 Kathy Torres

    go twilight luv u guys

  • ners_mala

    I love it..but a little romantic here..

  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.donovan.568 Carol Donovan

    SOOOO awesome ! I loved every second !

  • Talia

    If they killed off MORE Cullens, then I for sure would've dropped dead.

  • http://twitter.com/silverhopeful Keisa Rose

    Twilight- Braking Dawn pt2
    I thought it was the best ending to a “book-to-movie” I have ever seen(felt) in my life! I read the books and I thought.. I knew what I was walking into…merely seeing how well they could duplicate the words to live action just like the others. Though I knew this ending would be happy blah…I had to finish it out regardless. But I can't tell you how many emotions (I never thought I could achieve!) were burning through my heart, coming out of my mouth! I love twilight…but I had no idea how much these characters ment to me until I loss..Carlisle? The Cullen patriarch..this did not just happen!…I screamed and reached out for him, as if I were witnessing my very own father being killed and I needed to run to him.. & Jasper?, why..Jasper fight harder! Ooh AND how horrorfiying to see Seth!..I wanted to vomit as his eye (I swear!!) locked on me and his shaking subsided and his sweet self was no more. And not to forget the heart-filled sacrifice Leah made (you annoyed me girl but now I will morn you!) I literally broke down in the theater, screamed a couple of profanities and threatened to walk out of the theater if the hurt didn't stop…STOP NOW! & the near thought of losing my dear Edward as well! NO no NOOOooo! Stephanie, why are you doing this to me, why are you hurting me this way,I'm sorry I thought the book ending was lame…I take it back, I take it back, I'm sorry! Please stop this!! I don't deserve this!!!!As I watched my very own sister fall to her knees on the theater's sticky floor!(No freak'n JOKE!) I was frozen, could no longer breath, could no longer speak…I was dying of heart break! Only to turn cold and breath a slow, sigh of confused relief as I slid to the edge of my seat to realize, I Was PLAYED; like an awesome violin spectacular! My emotions were wasted my eyes have been lied too; I was bamboozled and it was delightful!! me and my sister jumped up! we clung to each other, shaking/smiling in giggly panicking gratefulness! I almost peed myself!!…the relief was so….relieving, so awesome!..and my sister took a puff of her asthma inhaler because it was now ok to breath and live once again, only to now live in our Twilight reaction embarrassment …lol

    I love you Twilight.
    You will missed, but always remembered and watched dozens of times!

  • Kate Brailsford

    Absolutely loved it and I want more :(


    I cried when the battle was going on that my fave cullens were dead and started laughing when i found out when it was only alice looking in the vision, i loved it and so far have seen it 10 times and it gets me every time ! x

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cofyjunky Jenn Lawson

    I liked it. It worked out well. I was at a 12:01a. show, and when Carlisle lost his head, there was more than one fan in the audience that gasped and cried out. Alice's vision being shown gave the audience the opportunity to see what COULD HAVE happened. So, we got a 'battle' out of it, without losing our beloved characters. It had that 'Sixth Sense/Bruce Willis' ending that was very, 'OMG!' :)

  • Kim78

    I REALLY WISH people would stop saying it's a “surprise ending”. It is NOT a surprise ending and the conclusion is NOT far different than the conclusion in the book. It ends the EXACT way the book ends. The book is strictly from Bella's P.O.V. & during that particular part of the movie, your'e seeing something through Alice's P.O.V. (vision). I WILL admit, I nearly had a stroke during that particular part because I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought Stephenie Meyer had COMPLETELY LOST HER MIND!!! I had tears streaming down my face & was upset. After the movie was over, I had to sit in my seat just a little longer to process what happened or COULD have happened. The only other time I got upset was during New Moon, when Edward left, and Bella was sitting up in her room, for months, while the world passed her by; it was just a sad sight to see. This is the BEST movie out of all of them & Bill Condon is an ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!! He should have done ALL of the movies; he TOTALLY gets what the story is truly about!!! I LOOOOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Twilight2200 Mrs.Lautner

    i love the big ending it was a really smart idea i was crying my ass of when i saw carlisle head

  • Sinead

    I would say it was more a Boddy Ewing in the shower moment.
    I knew it was an Alice vision. Just knew it the moment Carlise was decapitated. Very annoying since it was a plothole -Alice can't see stuff with the wolves- that wasn't explained. Meyer seems to forget her own canon.

  • joannaD

    i think i loved it, can't decide yet since i'm still in chock (even tho it's been 6 days) :D
    can't wait to go see it again, think i'll love it more :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/enacheandreea.enacheandreea.9 Enache Andreea Enache Andreea

    i want watching this movie..I love it !!:X:X

  • Girlink

    Its A M A Z I N G!! is the best movie of the entire Saga!. It completely exceeded my expectations.

    I read a lot of times about the reaction of when the battle begins: EVERYBODY CRIES. E V E R Y B O D Y. Except me.

    I mean, when the fight starts, I literally was shaking, my body temperature was lowered to -0 °, and I could only gasp at what my eyes were seeing, my eyes widened as ever, my hands holding the container popcorn and this quivered as if it was alive … When we saw it was just the P.O.V of Alice, the little tiny part of my brain that had the little knowledge that I had to stay sane and not go into shock, vanished.

    Seriously, when it was over, my mom told me if I was okay, and I just nodded, no sound came out of my mouth, and I thought that was not in shock!.

    It's a pretty strong scene, I thought I was prepared for what I had seen before, but, no, It's really impressive and powerful moment .is a unique experience, worth going to see it, even those who are not Twihards, or those who have not read the books, but have seen the Saga, they will be shocked and impressed, in a strong way.
    I think after watching it several times, or when I have the DVD at home or perhaps maybe when I go to see it this weekend AGAIN, maybe, I may feel that “momentary feeling of loss” and finally cry .

    And yes, I agree with S. Meyer and Kim78, Is not a “surprise ending.” All this battle is described in the book. Of all the above, this in particular is a true copy taken from the original, do not miss a single point or a comma.

    And what I have learned this second part?
    Appreciate more what I have.

    Breaking Dawn Part 2.
    Its EPIC.

  • Facebook User

    I like the battle scene, but unfortunately Alice couldn't have seen that fight, warewolfs were there. She can't see what they do. Remember in New Moon Alice could not see Bella being rescued by Jacob when she jumped from the cliff.

  • Guest

    I like the battle scene, but unfortunately Alice couldn't have seen that fight, werewolfs were there. She can't see what they do. Remember in New Moon Alice could not see Bella being rescued by Jacob when she jumped from the cliff.

  • Staci M

    I loved it! Although, I agree, it's not really the ending.

  • Kim78

    This was my very first question right after the movie – HOW was she able to see Jacob & Renesmee hug each other on the beach, in the future??? She can't see either one of them. In BD1, before Bella decided to keep the baby, she saw Bella's future but as soon as Bella decided to keep the baby, her future disappeared, as it did in New Moon, when she dove off the cliff. She couldn't see that Jacob had rescued her. With Renesmee, I think an easier explanation for that is she's able to see her BECAUSE she is half human & half vampire and because she is so close to her BUT Jacob??? He's a wolf and Alice could NEVER see Jacob.

  • Kim78

    I was SO READY to boycott Stephenie Meyer if ANYTHING in that “battle” was real. LOL! I was upset when Carlisle met his maker and then I got PISSED when Jasper met his.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bensonkto Kevin C Benson

    i like the ending and i cant wait atill the 6 one come out

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