New Interview with Judi Shekoni

Captivate Magazine was able to sit down with the beautiful Judi Shekoni. Here is some of their interview!

CM – Can you unveil any of beauty secrets or rituals that you practice on a daily basis?

JS – I take vitamins everyday. My friend Gabi is a nutritionist and got me under her thumb – so fish oils and probiotics are part of my daily regime. Hydrate from the inside and out I hear echoeing in my head everyday.

CM – You have worked on the small screen in England and here in the US, what is the biggest difference for you going from the set of a TV Show to a huge Box Office Franchise like, Twilight?

JS – Twilight is worldwide – so it has a much larger audience, and there is something special about seeing myself on the big screen. Also there are only so many things in the world that people camp out for and Twilight is one of them. The Twilight fans are so dedicated that this is a new experience that nothing else is similar too. Eastenders was wonderful though in it being my first entrance into primetime television and as an actress having time to develop a character and move her through many difference life experiences on the series.

CM – Tell us more about your character, Zafrina, from Breaking Dawn Pt. 2…..

JS – Zafrina is an Amazonian vampire and she has a special power – she can make people see anything she wishes. She is asked by the Cullens to come and help them against the Vulturi and she and her powers are useful to them in their time of need. She is ferral, has a strong family instinct and very red eyes.

CM – Did you get any “battle scars” from stunts on set?

JS – I actually did hurt my little finger whilst practising stunts – but I kind of liked it – it made me feel tough that I was really participating and putting myself on the line for this character and film.

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