Captivate Magazine Interview with Amadou Ly

Captivate Magazine was able to chat with Amadou Ly and he talked about his favorite scenes to film from Breaking Dawn Part 2. Due to time the scenes Amadou describes were not in the final film BUT we have been assured we will see them in the DVD extra’s! Can’t wait!!

CM – When did you realize that acting was a craft you wanted to pursue?

AL – The first day I went to acting class. I love the human freedom that art brings. I love the idea of bringing another person alive through humanity parallel pain. It is always an honored to play any character.
You play the character, Henri, a vampire in the new Breaking Dawn Part
CM – Give us the breakdown of your character….

AL – Henri is sort of an innocent french vampire that doesn’t like conflict however in this film his moral standards gets challenged. He definitely isn’t a fan of the Volturies, but given how powerful they are the film will show how he deals with them.

CM – Were there any memorable moments, on the set of Breaking Dawn, that were memorable for you?

AL – I love the Parisian scene that we shot in Baton Rouge. I remember hiding my character clothes under a white sheet because fans and paparazzi were taking pictures and we didn’t want to give anything away from the film. One of my favorite scene was shooting the fighting scene with Kristen Stewart, she such an intense and amazing actress, I definitely learned a lot from her.

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