Scans/Interview with Booboo Stewart for Captivate Magazine

Here are some GREAT pics of Booboo Stewart along with his interview for Captivate Magazine!

CM – Being apart of such a huge Box Office Franchise like, The Twilight Saga, how has it changed your life for the good and the bad?
BBS – Well it’s so far been all good–I have been all over the world, met amazing people and there are so many more opportunities for me now.

CM – What have you learned, as a young actor, being on the set of such a huge Franchise?
BBS – I have learned how to deal with the down time (Laughs)

CM – Do you hang out with any of the Twilight cast outside of set?
BBS – Not really, we are all busy in our own careers

CM – Have you gotten used to screaming girls and over zealous fans or is it still something unfamiliar?
BBS – (Laughs) I don’t think you really ever get used to it

Head over to Captivate Magazine to read more!

  • Blancita

    I noticed he takes more serious pics now,like more grown up. They are really nice he's a very handsome young man.

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