A message from Stephanie Meyer to Twilight fans

Stephanie Meyer took to her website to post this message to fans about her Twilight journey and to address the most frequently asked questions regarding the twist in Breaking Dawn part 2.  Warning if you haven’t seen the movie, there are spoilers below:

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all coming back from a really fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, full of quality family time, too much delicious food, and restful tryptophan comas.

Two weeks ago, while doing press for Breaking Dawn 2, there were a lot of questions I wasn’t able to answer because I didn’t want to spoil the ending for anyone. I promised in a couple of interviews that I would post the answer to a specific question on my website once everyone had had a chance to see the movie. Now, if there is anyone reading this who hasn’t had a chance to see BD2 yet and really wants to remain unspoiled, please stop reading now.

***spoilers ahead***

The question, which I got frequently, was how I felt about having a big change inserted into the story during the final climax. My answer was that it didn’t feel like such a huge departure. For me, this moment is already in the book. However, we don’t get to see it in all its exciting and gory detail because we are seeing the world only through Bella’s eyes. A few of the reporters I talked to wanted to know where in the book this moment was hidden. The answer is page 738, fourth paragraph down:

“Aro stared into my eyes for a long, tense moment. I had no idea what he was searching for, or what he found, but after he had measured me for that moment, something in his face changed, a faint shift in the set of his mouth and eyes, and I knew that Aro had made his decision.”

In this short analysis, after Bella has revealed the depth of her power, Aro plays out in his head the probable outcome of a battle with the Cullens. Much like what we see in the movie, Aro foresees a more evenly matched fight than he had expected, the loss of too many of his key players, and—most unacceptable—the likelihood of his own death. Though odds are that the Volturi would have come out on top in the end, Aro wouldn’t have lived to see it and the unassailable nature of the Volturi’s authority would have been broken, possibly forever. It is this vision of the future—though imperfect guesswork on his part—that motivates his retreat.

Melissa Rosenberg and I have both mentioned the fateful dinner we had (back during the filming of Eclipse) where we hashed out a way to make the end of Breaking Dawn more cinematic. This was the idea we latched on to—how do we make this vision of Aro’s into something the viewer can experience? The answer was pretty simple once we looked at it that way—we already had a character who could show us visions. So the only real change to the book ending of Breaking Dawn is that Alice enters the scene earlier, and comes in contact with Aro.

(Are there a few little trespasses against the mythology in this vision? Yes, as some of you have pointed out. The consensus was that a minor deviation from what had been established was forgivable in the name of entertainment. I had a few very elaborate solutions, but they were too confusing and not nearly as cinematic as the final product. And obviously, the result was very entertaining.)

A few reporters asked me if I would have done anything different in the battle if I had written it; the answer is yes. Mainly, I would have killed more Cullens. I do think the Volturi would have won the day; as the talented players were taken out, in the end it would be brute strength that would determine the victor, and the Volturi have more soldiers and more experience. Of course, if we had offed Edward or something, it might have been too obvious that it was a vision sequence. In the end, when the vision was revealed, the reaction I heard in the two unsuspecting audiences I viewed it with was nothing but relief and enthusiasm. Kudos to Bill C for creating the perfect emotional response! He plays our heartstrings like a virtuoso.

It was really something to get to spend a little time with the fans at the BD2 events, and to watch the movie at the premiere with so many of them. It was the best experience I’ve ever had at a Twilight movie, and a perfect conclusion to my personal Twilight experience. I hope you also enjoyed the movie, and each other, for this last big bang. You, the readers and viewers, are the ones who have made this whole ten-year experience into something unbelievable and amazing, and I thank you so much for it. I hope I get to see some of you again in March (shameless The Host plug), because it makes me too sad to think that my relationship with my readers is ending, too.

Happy Holidays to you all, may the season be filled with good friends and good books!



  • http://www.facebook.com/Cofyjunky Jenn Lawson

    Thanks Steph! :) <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cofyjunky Jenn Lawson

    Thanks Steph! :) <3

  • http://twitter.com/radesihombing18 Rade Sudek

    we love twithard always :)

  • kayleigh

    Seen the film..how could you do that 2 us ;) but loved it, not during the murder bath but afterwards it was amazing xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabriella.steblyna Gabriella Steblyna

    It was amazing when i saw and the fight i was really shocked, happy and sad at the same time bill condon did a good one there, i have never felt so many emotions at once it really was epic and when i found out it was a vison i was relieved and a bit dissapointed that the volutri didn't die and my heart stopped when carlisle and jasper was killed then i thought edward was gonna die but thank god that didn't happen LOVED IT thanks steph for an amazing 5 years ii will never forget Twilight it will live on in my heart FOREVER!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/KathyAnnBoland Kathy Boland

    I am hoping that this won't end and that there is a story line between Jacob and Renesme …imaging a child that is 1/4 human, 1/4 vampire and 1/2 wolf? Could be fun!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.a.westra Amanda Westra

    Loved it. Garrett was AMAZING, except he didn't get his speech.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christine.franks.129 Christine Franks

    I was almost in tears with the vision ending. I was so relieved to find out it wasn't reality. I love these characters. I only wish Renesmee didn't look like the ETrade baby in the beginning but overall I was happy and thought it was the best movie out of the series.

  • leslie

    I almost wanted to walk out of the theater when Carlisle was killed it was all so real it was exactly what I thought could happen during a fight with the volturi. It was so awesome I am seeing it again this weekend. So sad that this is the end tho is there any hope of another book going into the details of Jacob and renesemes lives together? ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/loopymum81 Lyndsey Alexander

    does this mean stephanie has no plans to finish writing her leaked book seeing it all from edwards eyes :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laura-Scott/1515083376 Laura Scott

    Thank you for such an AWESOME movie! It was SO seat-gripping and enjoyed it immensely!

  • Lauralee

    It was the perfect ending!!! Love it! And love you Stephanie! You're the best! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.rogers2012 Melissa Sue

    please dont stop writing twilight what bout the vision alice had on jacob, edward bella n her daughter at the beach come please i am a huge fan i cried cause i dont want to see it to be the end u r the best writter

  • http://www.facebook.com/marsha.uniacke Marsha Jayne Uniacke

    You really need to do a spin off film about Jacob and Renesme :-)

  • Nadia

    Please write another book of twilight about Jacob and his love interest and please kill some of the Volturi this time for real. It was a good movie but didnt like the ending needs to be continued.

  • A big fan.

    There is plenty of room to make another book and film. Please, please oh please :)

  • Kelly G.

    Please finish the book Midnight Sun…it is such a great read…and I would love to finish it. Shame on the people that leaked it out…but kudos to you and your amazing talent :) .

  • http://www.facebook.com/chantel.richardson.50 Chantel Richardson

    i hope not :(

  • JulesDev

    I loved it so much. Well done to all involved and I'm sad that the saga has ended, but at least i have the books and the DVD's (almost). A big thank you for it all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tonia-Rule/100000474715237 Tonia Rule

    Good job on everything Mrs, Meyers. I enjoyed every second of everything.

  • amypals:)

    the twist is amazing it was a relief that no one had died,really made me happy watching the movie again and again..thank you Stephanie Meyer and Bill C.and all the cast and character!i love you edward and bella and jacob.lol:)

  • missy

    We neex more twight to see them all continue as a family and escpeacially jacob and renesme story…..im sooo sad to see it end this.way

  • Syn

    Nobody noticed that Alice couldn't see Jacob or Nessie's future because he was a wolf and she half vampire-half human? Alice only could see the destiny of the vampires o humans, becase she was one of them (or used to be). Plus, in Twilight Edward said: ''The Destiny is not carve in stone. Everything can change''. If only Aro made another move or something, they had won. I don't know, this is what I think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shroomhead4lyfe Desiree Mathes-Furcron

    This was the only twilight movie I was able to get my husband to watch and actually stay awake! He was so into it too!

  • 554

    Will you pls make more books! How could you stop the twilight sagas.please!!!!!! I loved the ending.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lthornberry1 Lori Thornberry

    The movie was amazing and i quite literally almost had a heart attack with the ending.All I can say to u is that u r an amazing writer and I am heart broken that the twilight saga is ending, but I am looking forward to seeing the Host I had never read a boo like that before and really enjoyed it. You have gained a life long fan in me that u so much .

  • Pilar

    I was in tears!!!! I wanted to run out of the theater!!! And then sooo relieved!!!haha

  • susan krufka

    I thought it was the best ever!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shirley.fostervance Shirley Foster Vance

    I loved all the movies…and the ending in Breaking Dawn 2 was amazing…I really wish you could write a few more books …following Bella's life as a vampire and her family…the growing relationship of Renesemme and Jacob and her growing up and their life together…just seems so sad it's all ending…seems theres so much more

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cathy-Cabangon/100003119232012 Cathy Cabangon

    i can't forget you…why?cause i'm really hooked to your novel it's like “my personal drug”lol like your term…thank's for wroting the twilight novels,i can't forget the love story of edward and bella,,and all the character's…it made me cry when i saw the last movie,,but still it wont fade to my memory and my heart,,,it really occure a big space in my heart,,thank's,i mean thank you so much,,,looking forward for your other novels…sorry for my poor english….lol!!!!
    by the way i really love when edward and bella first met…and god i watched it over and over again…thank's stephanie….



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cathy-Cabangon/100003119232012 Cathy Cabangon

    bill condon and mellissa rosenberg thank's for additional ideas…that was really great…

  • http://www.facebook.com/mwiler Melinda Wiler

    The best series I've ever gotten into. Very sad its over. My kids also loved it. Great family time we had watching twilight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dyla.rowoth Dyla Rowoth

    you should keep the movies and books going

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cathy-Cabangon/100003119232012 Cathy Cabangon

    yeah i love bella showing some thoughts of how they met and all the memories stored in her heart amzing…like a tribute to all the fans oh god i'm crying right now….:(

  • martha

    When I first watched BD 2 I was excited to see the characters. It was nearing to the end, I shocked to see Carisle and jasper dead and I was like “nooooooooo” and gasping when Jacob &renemse almost got caught. I was juss squirming in my seat. All of sudden, Edward & Bella managed to kill Aro and then, we flashed back to Alice-showing Aro's future. And I was relieved it was just a vision. What a suprising twist. Awesome…the others are right, there should a spin-off with Jacob & Renemse

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000500684645 Rachel Isha

    Stephenie Meyer, you are an absolute genious!! i loved the movie so much and i am so sad that its ending and also happy that the beautiful characters get their hapily ever after. When the vision started, in the back of my head i knew it was Alice's vision but i got so caught up in it that when it was over, it was one of the shocks i will probablt never forget.
    It was amazing!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.cairney1 Nicole Cairney

    I have to say the twilight books are the only books ive ever been interested in and they are amazing and loved the films even more, I never liked reading but now i look forward to a good book at bed time. Twilight forever. Looking forward to reading ” The Host ” but i must say nothing beats Twilight. The BD2 movie was amazing great fight scene was so shocked i was in tears then releived it was a vision.
    All the best in your future Stephanie and I look forward to reading more of your books, I was hoping you would bring out the book on edwards story but I heard it was leaked you should still bring it out the fans would love it, I know I would. Good luck and all the best in 2013. Nicole Cairney

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nini.Geldy Nia-Geldy Patient

    Hi Stephany! How have you been? I wanted to know, why is it that in the book Nahuel and Huilen are Chilean natives: Mapuches, but in the movie they are natives from Brasil ??

  • Patty Ford

    I almost got up and walked out of the theater during that scene so not expecting that scene I understand it now but I am a reader first and have been very pleased with how true to books the series has been . Wish there was story to look forward to.

  • Meee

    Ive seen the movies 3 times already and i still get shocked when it turns out it was just a vision omg this was so epic!!!! It was awesome!!! The book was shocking too !

  • Mable

    Stephenie, just keep writing books and I'll keep on reading them. I love you!

  • Bethany C.

    Honestly when the fight sequence started I was very upset and as soon as a few Cullen's and wolves were killed I was ready to get up and leave.. Well done, I didn't think you guys could get us twilight die hard fans to get tricked with that. Definitely the best twilight movie of the saga. So impressed with how close you have all tried to keep it close as possible with the books. Will always be a devoted fan of the twilight saga. Thank you<3

  • Jeremia

    I'm with Kelly G. , Please, we, your readers beg you to finnish Midnight Sun. It would be amazing to read the whole love-story from the eyes of Edward. I regret that some people leaked your unfinished story, but would you please consider to finish it, though? Please? I would really, really love to read it! -sorry if I made mistakes, my english isn't that good-

    Lots of respect and love
    faithfull reader ~Jeremia.

  • Carmen

    Please write a book based on Jacob and Nessy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lupital9 Lupita Lucio

    let me just say i love them all i cant wait until i have the whole set of the twilight.It was so exciting of the breaking dawn 2.Bella was just the best vampire of them all.It was the best movie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Montgomery-Brown/100000924291062 Melissa Montgomery Brown

    I cried like a big baby during that final scene!!!

  • Debbie

    I have also been awaiting midnight sun.

  • jp

    i loved the ending of twilight! hope there'll be a movie of Midnight Sun (Edward's Story). :)

  • Sally

    I was shocked! With panic, I thought, they can be mended…then the fire. I felt numb. I was haunted by Esme's expression. I was nearly in tears. Then, such relief, elation, happiness….no matter what happened in the movie before, the end left me feeling happy and that BD2 was the best movie…ever. Yes, cudos to Bill Condon for playing my “heartstrings like a virtuoso.” It was perfect (and totally logical!)

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