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Greased Twilightnin’ Part 2: A Twilight Parody

September 4, 2010    No Comments

Take 180, the masterminds behind very successful webshows and web parodies, including numerous Twilight parodies, has come up with Part 2 of their parody “Greased Twilightnin’”. Check it out. (Watch Part 1 here)


Greased Twilightnin’: A Twilight Musical Parody

August 28, 2010    8 Comments

They’ve done it again. Take180, a website that features hundreds of spoofs and original webshows (see: I <3 Vampires), has yet another spoof to show off. This time, it’s a combination of Grease and TwiHards, starring YouTube sensation Shane Dawson and Take180 regular Devon Kelly. What do you think? Leave your comments below.


Who’s Your Daddy? Cam Gigandet Out With His Daughter for her Birthday!

April 26, 2010    8 Comments

Cam Gigandet (James) was spotted with his beautiful daughter, Everleigh, sharing a meal for her birthday. I’m still not used to Cam Gigandet as a fatherly figure. Haha! [via CelebrityBabyScoop]


Cam Gigandet SEMI NAKED in Mexico!

April 26, 2010    4 Comments

I really couldn’t care less about Cam Gigandet (Twilight villain James) being shirtless or not, but he’s kind of out of shape Just saying!   [Note from Lindsay: Yeah, right! lol] Check the rest of the pictures here.


Chaske Spencer, Bryce Dallas Howard and Bronson Pelletier at a Fan Event in Berlin!

April 26, 2010    3 Comments

Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley), Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria II) and Bronson Pelletier (Jared) were spotted in a New Moon fan event in Berlin, Germany. Just a quick question… what is Bryce doing in a New Moon event? Where’s Rachelle?! [Source: Gossip Center. via BH Fan]


The Spoof Saga: New Moon – A ‘New Moon’ Spoof

April 26, 2010    8 Comments

Check out this hilarious New Moon spoof by the peeps over at Edward’s Meadow. P.S. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! [via EM]


Rachelle Lefevre Will Wear a Bikini if Seal Hunt Ceases

April 26, 2010    2 Comments

Rachelle Lefevre (the first Victoria) has promised that she will wear a bikini if people in Canada stop slaughtering innocent seals for their fur- I will stand in front of the parliament buildings wearing a bikini holding a sign that says ‘My country saves young skin!’ I blame this on the Beaver (Justin Bieber) since [...]


Rachelle Lefevre Starves Vampires and Tweets New Pictures

April 26, 2010    No Comments

Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria I) comes to the rescue once again! Lefevre tweeted a picture of herself going out the window used in the hit show Dawson’s Creek and tweets another picture of herself starving a vampire by donating blood (if you don’t get the allusion, there’s a Red Cross campaign with the slogan “Starve a [...]


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