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Bill Condon at the 84th Annual Academy Awards Director’s Reception

February 28, 2012    No Comments

Check out these pictures of Bill Condon at the Foreign Film Director’s Reception! via TTS


The break down on Bill Condon’s commentary for ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′

February 13, 2012    16 Comments

Here are the most interesting facts Bill Condon says during the commentary for BD Part 1. Here are the most interesting tidbits- The last scene of Breaking Dawn Part 1 is exactly where Part 2 begins. “Kristen is the ultimate Twihard.” She remembers the first time she read the books, what made her cry, and she’d lobby [...]


5 things learned from Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn part 1 commentary

February 11, 2012    1 Comment

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Breaking Dawn part 1 yet and watched all the commentaries, the Examiner put together this great list of the top 5 things we learned from Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn part 1 commentary : On Deleted Scenes Condon pointed out three scenes that were shot but later removed [...]


Watch the Fan Exclusive DVD/BluRay clip: “Bill Condon”

February 9, 2012    5 Comments

Who else is getting excited that we are now less than 2 days from getting our hands on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 on DVD and BluRay? Well, we are happy to share this fan exclusive clip from the DVD/BluRay extras featuring our dear director Bill Condon!


Video: Bill Condon on the Ease of Understanding Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

February 7, 2012    1 Comment

Movie critic Gino, from News 12, released his press junket interview. Check it out below! Via: Twilight Lexicon


Bill Condon Wishes ‘Twilight’ Fans Happy Holidays!

December 27, 2011    1 Comment

Bill Condon took some time out this weekend to wish all the fans Happy Holidays! He’s such a sweet man! Here is what he said! “Holiday greetings to all of you and yours, and also a note of thanks for your support of Breaking Dawn. Your affection for the movie has been wonderful to experience. We’re [...]

James_Franco - 2 - Spider-Man_3

James Franco reviews Breaking Dawn Part 1 (and it’s not so nice!)

December 13, 2011    9 Comments

James Franco posted a review of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 over on the Paris Review, and it appears he wasn’t too pleased with the film. Of course, a few other forbidden territories are broken in as well. The protagonists finally marry, having waited until the wise old age of eighteen, and since [...]


Goodbye 2011: The Best of Cambio LIVE with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Jackson

December 13, 2011    No Comments

Cambio looks back on their ‘Best of Cambio Live!” Taylor and his cast mates Rob and Kristen, along with Bill Condon, top the list! Even Jackson made the list! 2011 was definitely a great year for Cambio Live! Check out the highlights below: 1. Taylor Lautner trends worldwide When we went live with Taylor Lautner from the [...]


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