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Child Hunger Ends Here

New Pics of Andrea Gabriel (Kebi) at ‘Child Hunger Ends Here’ event

September 3, 2011    No Comments

Andrea Gabriel who will play the role of  Kebi of the Egyptian coven in Breaking Dawn, took time out of her busy schedule to support the Child Hunger Ends Here event on 8/27/11. Looks like she is having a wonderful time! Source : The Vampire Club


Andrea Gabriel out in Beverly Hills!

August 29, 2011    No Comments

Here’s a new photo of Andrea Gabriel (Kebi in Breaking Dawn)out in Beverly Hills. Source via Source


Breaking Dawn’s Andrea Gabriel talks ‘ageless’ Kristen, ‘hot’ Rob, and vampire camp

August 25, 2011    No Comments

Andrea Gabriel plays Kebi in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 and recently had the chance to talk a bit about joining the Twilight gang. You can tell this interviewer doesn’t read Twi fan sites or she would not be so surprised at the use of the term “vampire camp.” Check Andrea out online: [...]


New Pics of Andrea Gabriel (Kebi) at the launch of ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ magazine

August 12, 2011    No Comments

Andrea Gabriel who plays Kebi of the Egyptian coven in The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn attended the launch of the Worlds Most Beautiful magazine. Andrea looks great !! Source : TodoTwilightSaga


Meet the Cast: The Egyptian Coven

February 14, 2011    3 Comments

In this week’s “Meet the Cast” feature, we are going to get to know The Egyptian Coven.  Here we go!! EGYPTIAN COVEN Name: Omar Metwally Twilight role: Amun (Vampire of the Egyptian Coven) Amun is the leader of the Egyptian Coven. Amun is very outspoken and mistrustful. Amun’s partner is Kebi and he created Benjamin. Amun [...]


Weekly Twilight Twitter Recap & Updated Cast List

February 7, 2011    No Comments

With so many Twilight actors on Twitter, it’s next to impossible to keep up with all their tweets. But we want to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the more informative tweets! Some tweets get their own site posts during the week, but here’s a brief recap of what else happened in [...]


Week in Review: What you missed this week

January 29, 2011    2 Comments

In case you missed some of the good scoop this week, here’s a “Week in Review” summary post so you can make sure you get our most popular and pertinent posts each week! January 22 – 28, 2011 Most popular posts: 1) Seeing teen Rob Pattinson’s modeling photos never gets old (or less amusing…) 2) [...]

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