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First look at Christian Camargo as Eleazar in ‘Breaking Dawn’

February 28, 2011    No Comments

Christian Carmargo is probably best known as a certain serial killer in the TV show Dexter, or perhaps from Hurt Locker. But later this year we’ll see him in Breaking Dawn as Eleazar of the Denali Coven. [images removed]

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Meet the Cast: The Denali Coven

February 7, 2011    10 Comments

In this week’s “Meet the Cast” feature, we are going to get to know the Cullens’ closest allies and other “vegetarian vampires” the Denali clan.  Here we go !! THE DENALI COVEN Name : Christian Camargo Twilight Role : Eleazar  (Vampire of the Denali Coven) Eleazar is a vampire member of the Denali Coven. He was [...]


New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast Eating Together

January 12, 2011    No Comments

One lucky fan ran into several of the new cast members from Breaking Dawn eating breakfast together. Here is the pic! Noel Fisher – Vladimir Lisa Howard – Siobhan Patrick Brennan – Liam Sandra – Simon’s wife (fan) Omar Metwally – Amon Christian Camargo – Eleazar Myanna Burying -Tanya Judi Shekoni – Zafrina Guri Weinberg [...]


Casting Update for ‘Breaking Dawn’ Denali Coven

December 27, 2010    50 Comments

Although The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is in full production swing, Summit Entertainment continues to add to the Breaking Dawn cast and the Denali Coven. Summit recently announced a cast addition of Denali vampires in Breaking Dawn. The new Breaking Dawn Denali vampires include Christian Camargo as Eleazar, Casey LaBow as Kate, Mia Maestro as [...]


Saturday Survey: Which new Denali cast member are you most excited to see onscreen?

October 2, 2010    27 Comments

With all the latest casting news, this week I am curious which of the new Denali Coven actors you are most excited about seeing in Breaking Dawn! Take the poll below. Jog your memory on who’s who here. Which of the new cast members (Denali Coven) are you most excited to see onscreen?online survey


Casting for Denali coven announced

September 30, 2010    34 Comments

Summit Entertainment put out a press release today announcing the full casting of the Denali vampire coven for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn! So here are their photos, along with links to their IMDb pages and links to the information about their characters over at Twilight Lexicon, in case you need your memory jogged. Eleazer [...]


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