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New Face Fridays: Get to know Guri Weinberg (Stefan)

September 21, 2012    No Comments

As part of the fan site exclusive series New Face Fridays, we are bringing you weekly interviews with the new cast of The Twilight Saga, hosted on different sites! This week, Twilightish is hosting the interview with Guri Weinberg, who plays Stefan of the Romanian coven. Check out a snippet of the interview below, where [...]


Happy Birthday Guri Weinberg (Stefan)!

August 1, 2012    1 Comment

Happy birthday to Guri!! We at TEAM TWILIGHT hope you have a wonderful birthday! Lindsay, Angie, Jmac, Ashley, She, Arianna, Mandy, and Megan


EW interviews: Stephenie Meyer and the new vampires! #SDCC

July 13, 2012    1 Comment

Stephenie Meyer & Andrew Niccol (director of The Host) Guri Weinberg & Noel Fisher – Romania Coven Tracey Heggins, Judi Shekoni, Patrick Brennan, Lisa Howard, Marlane Barnes – Irish and Amazon Covens Angela Sarafyan & Rami Malek – Egyptian Coven Maggie Grace, Mia Maestro, Casey LaBow – Denali Coven Billy Tangradi, Toni Trucks, Erik Odom, [...]


Photos: The Twilight cast at Comic-Con fan event and Summit’s after party #SDCC

July 12, 2012    3 Comments

Listen, all of you, like me, are probably extremely jealous of all the people that are at Comic Con today for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel. My co-admin Angie is there and met some of the cast last night. Here are photos photos of the cast (Cullens plus the new vamps were out in [...]


New Breaking Dawn Part 2 still features new vampires

July 3, 2012    21 Comments

A new still from Breaking Dawn Part 2 features several of our new vampires! It looks like they are bonding around the bonfire with the cullen family. Check it out below, thanks to this week’s Entertainment Weekly and TVC. Starting with the brown haired guy in the front (facing away from us) and going around [...]


Guri Weinberg Gives More Details on his ‘Twilight’ Experience

May 2, 2012    No Comments

Guri recently took to his blog to answer three commonly asked questions. I particularly liked his answer about the Twilight fans! What are the Twilight Fans like? There are always stalkers, trouble-makers and those that want to claim a ‘friendship’ only so they can brag to friends. The fandom is too large for this NOT [...]


Guri Weinberg Talks About Being a Vampire in ‘Breaking Dawn’

December 30, 2011    1 Comment

Guri¬†Weinberg chatted with Yahoo at the Dallas Twilight Convention about the con, Breaking Dawn, and how it’s like playing the role of a centuries-old vampire. Do you do the “Twilight” conventions often? When I’m invited to do them, I’ll come in. I don’t do them as often as some of the other actors do. It’s [...]


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