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David Slade Answers DVD Questions for ‘Entertainment Weekly’

December 4, 2010    2 Comments

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits DVD and Blu-ray on Dec. 4. After watching the special features, we had a few burning questions, which director David Slade (pictured, with Kristen Stewart) happily fielded. 1. Why doesn’t he do a commentary track? Slade is obviously well-represented in the feature-length making-of documentary and introduces and provides context for [...]


David Slade reveals one deleted scene in the Eclipse DVD

December 3, 2010    6 Comments

In anticipation of the release of Eclipse, David Slade reveals one deleted scene included in the DVD. Here’s what he said: “We were trying to get the film to a manageable length, to flow really well, and it was like hitting a speed bump. You just felt it every time you hit these scenes,” he [...]

ECLIPSE Special Edition DVD

Team-Twilight review of the ‘Eclipse’ DVD

December 3, 2010    25 Comments

Prepare yourselves. This is our (only slightly) advanced review of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD. Unfortunately, I don’t have a BluRay player, so I am reviewing the Two-Disc Special Edition. I’m not a great reviewer, and when it comes to The Twilight Saga, I have a blind love for everything pertaining to it, so if [...]


David Slade Interview with Collider.com

December 2, 2010    No Comments

On December 4th, and just in time for the holiday season, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and combo pack. Much to the satisfaction of all the loyally dedicated fans, the two-disc special edition of the third installment in the wildly popular, $2 billion franchise features a six-part behind the scenes [...]


David Slade Talks Wedding to NextMovie.com

December 2, 2010    64 Comments

In an exclusive interview with director David Slade, NextMovie.com got some great information about the Edward/Bella Wedding. Any Twi-Hard knows that Bella Swan’s extravagant wedding to her handsome vampire suitor occurs in the beginning of series closer Breaking Dawn— chapter three, to be exact. But according to David Slade, the director of the  adaptation, it might [...]


L.A. Times Interview with David Slade

December 1, 2010    No Comments

Chief among the scenes cut from the theatrical version of the film was an exchange between Stewart’s Bella and her on-screen dad Charlie, played by Billy Burke. “This is the only thing I’ve ever done that’s had such a fan subculture, so with the deleted scenes I wanted to do a little justification for them,” [...]


Exclusive: “Introducing Riley” Eclipse DVD clip

December 1, 2010    3 Comments

Here’s an exclusive new clip from the Eclipse DVD called “Introducing Riley.” Get some background on Riley Biers’ story and what drives him! Thanks to Summit!


New HQ DVD clip: David Slade on ‘Eclipse’

November 29, 2010    3 Comments

Source: Official Twilight Saga Facebook via His Golden Eyes


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