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Discussion topic: How do you think Taylor did on SNL?

December 13, 2009    40 Comments

Last night, Taylor Lautner was the first of any of the Twilight cast to host Saturday Night Live! Congrats to Taylor! I want to know how you think he did? Was he funny? Were you worried? Do you think Rob or Kristen could ever host? What was your favorite skit? Put in your two cents [...]


Discussion Topic: What is your favorite line in New Moon?

December 6, 2009    63 Comments

Here is this week’s discussion topic! If you have an idea for a topic, email it to tips@team-twilight.com! This week’s topic comes to us from Carolina. She wants to know: What was your favorite line from New Moon, the movie? Carolina says that her favorite is when Edward says “You can’t trust on vampires, trust [...]


Discussion Topic: What did you think of New Moon?

November 20, 2009    107 Comments

NOTE: I normally do my Discussion Topics on Sundays, but this one deserved to be discussed right away. We can’t NOT ask about how you felt about New Moon since we KNOW you watched the movie already! Did you love it? Did it meet or exceed your expectations? Did you love it more or less [...]


Discussion Topic: Can you be a “real” fan if you haven’t read the books?

November 15, 2009    57 Comments

Brandi emailed me her concerns over a friend that says she is a “die-hard” Twilight fan, but has never read the books. What bothers Brandi more is that this friend only really loves Twilight because of the “hot guys.” So I wanted to get our readers opinions! What do you think? Can you be a [...]


Discussion Topic: What would we do without our Twi cast?

November 8, 2009    46 Comments

If you can possibly begin to imagine that Rob, Kristen, Taylor and all the other cast were NOT cast in Twilight, and we were given a different set of people in the roles, do you think we would obsess over it so much? So I guess my question is, did this particular cast MAKE this [...]


Discussion Topic: Would you or have you named a child or pet a Twilight name?

November 1, 2009    52 Comments

Team-Twilight reader Karen says “A friend of a friend just had a baby and named her Esme. It would be interesting to see how many other people have named or plan to name their children (or pets) after Twilight characters… When I get a dog I’m going to call him Jacob or Seth!” So how [...]


Discussion Topic: Twilight book or movie?

October 25, 2009    51 Comments

If you had to choose between Twilight the book or Twilight the movie, which would you choose? And I mean, one exists and one doesn’t. The book, of course, has a LOT more story to it. If you consider that we wouldn’t know almost ANY of the actors we love so much without the film, [...]


Discussion topic: Where would you split Breaking Dawn for 2 movies?

October 18, 2009    77 Comments

There are rumors aplenty swirling over the production of Breaking Dawn. Will they make it? When will they film it? Will all the actors be on board? Will we see more than one film for it? But I wanted to ask you this: If they end up splitting Breaking Dawn into two films, where would [...]


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