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Discussion Topic: 2011 Teen Choice Awards

June 22, 2011    1 Comment

The 2011 Teen Choice Awards are just around the corner on August 7, 2011. My guess is the nominations will be announced pretty soon so voting can start. Who do you want to see nominated, or who do you want to see win in various categories.   Here are the awards we took home in [...]

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Discussion Topic: Breaking Dawn trailer

June 14, 2011    5 Comments

We’ve already told you what we thought of the trailer in our podcast. Now we want you to Tell us anything and everything you want to about the brand new Breaking Dawn teaser trailer. I’ll post it below. See previous Discussion Topics here!

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Discussion Topic: How do you feel about Breaking Dawn wrapping on filming?

April 27, 2011    15 Comments

How do you feel about the end of filming for the Breaking Dawn saga? Are you excited like PFach? Are you devastated? Are you glad for the cast to get to move on to other projects? Are you super sad we’ll never get set photos again?


‘Twilight’ Tribe Seeks Help To Move Out Of Tsunami Zone

April 18, 2011    No Comments

LA PUSH, Wash. – After last month’s Japanese tsunami, some coastal Northwest Indian tribes are expressing new urgency about the same danger they face. Two Washington tribes actually have plans to move parts of their villages to higher ground. One of those is the Quileute Nation, which achieved accidental fame through the ‘Twilight’ vampire saga. [...]

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Discussion Topic: Bella’s Wedding Dress

March 2, 2011    23 Comments

Rumor is that the Breaking Dawn wedding will be filmed in Vancouver, and has not yet been filmed. I don’t know if this is actually true, but we’ll talk a bit about wedding attire. We want to know what style bridal gown you really want to see on Bella. Feel free to find gowns online [...]


Discussion Topic: Do the personal lives of ‘The Twilight Saga’ stars affect how you see them in the movies?

February 23, 2011    46 Comments

When Twilight first hit theaters, most of the actors were unknowns. The handful that people had heard of were still not well-known across the board. But to say that the cast of Twilight has sky-rocketed to fame since then is an understatement. Every little move each of these actors make is publicized, especially their relationships. [...]


Discussion Topic: Action Star, Taylor Lautner

February 16, 2011    4 Comments

This week’s discussion topic is inspired by the announcement that Taylor Lautner will be teaming up with famed action producer Michael Bay. In addition, Taylor has the film Abduction coming out later this year. And is signed on for two other action films: Incarceron and Stretch Armstrong. Seeing that Tay has not actually proven if [...]

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Discussion Topic: Renesmee special effects

February 9, 2011    11 Comments

There’s been lots of info hitting the internet lately to explain how Renesmee would be portrayed in Breaking Dawn. Mackenzie Foy is officially cast as Renesmee, but other young actresses of varying ages have been hired to play her, as well. It looks like Mackenzie’s face will be superimposed on the other actors’ bodies to [...]

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