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Fan Art : Adorable Fan made Twilight Inspired Dolls

June 26, 2012    1 Comment

I recently met with Amber Cheiky who makes these incredibly adorable Twilight inspired dolls , and she sent us some photos of her creations.  Using Mighty Muggs (7 inch figures of superheroes), Amber began her work by repainting and customizing the dolls to turn them into her favorite Twilight characters. The Edward doll has a [...]

twilight fanpic

Fan Art Feature: Nehyl

February 18, 2012    82 Comments

Wow, love this! A fan submitted this digital painting to us. What do you think?


Fan Art: Beauty and the Beast meets Twilight

February 14, 2012    2 Comments

Check out this fun fan art of Twilight using Beauty and the Beast characters! This artwork was done by Daekazu! You can also check out his other artwork, including his mash-up of Harry Potter and  Tangled, here.

kristen stewart-color11

Gorgeous new Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan art featuring vampire Bella!

January 14, 2012    181 Comments

Here are a couple of new Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan made images! What do you think? Elisa Gallion: D. Emmanuel:


Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Immortalized as Pancakes!

November 30, 2011    5 Comments

They were immortalized in cement, why not in pancakes? LOL! Check out Celebuzz for other stars! Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are so hot and yummy, we could just eat them up — literally! Chicago-based artist Katherine Kalnes has transformed pancakes into some of the biggest stars on the planet and revealed that each pancake [...]

Rob Coloring Page 3

Coloring Pages of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner!!

November 29, 2011    52 Comments

It’s time to break out those Crayola Crayons, colored pencils, and fine tipped markers! Below are a few of the many coloring pages of Rob and Taylor from Hello Kids! Print them and color! If you care to, send us a pic of your creations when you finish!


If Edward Were a Nanny….

November 25, 2011    3 Comments

NickMom put together this application for Edward if he were to apply to be a nanny! What do you think?


Fan Art Feature: Sara McCobb Hubbell Designs

November 9, 2011    2 Comments

This week’s fan art is from Etsy and she has several Twilight-related designs for us to share!  Note, if you shop in Sarah’s Etsy store, use the promo code CULLEN to receive 10% off! Don’t forget to check out her other items here!

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