The Team-Twilight Take Podcast (Episode 4): Breaking Dawn Part 1

November 21, 2011    62 Comments

In our fourth episode of our site podcast The Team-Twilight Take, all of our bloggers got on the phone to discuss our favorite details of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, as well as some other juicy details. Taking part were: Angie, Arianna, Ashley, Jenna, Lindsay, Sheila, and Stephanie. Click below to listen, but [...]


The Team-Twilight Take Podcast (Episode 3): The Comic Con Experience

September 2, 2011    5 Comments

OK, so I’m a little late in getting this up, and I apologize. I realize that Comic Con was in JULY and we are now in SEPTEMBER. But rest assured that we recorded this when everything was fresh on our minds. We had two of our writers at Comic Con this year to enjoy the [...]


The Team-Twilight Take podcast is now up! We talk the new Breaking Dawn trailer!

June 13, 2011    89 Comments

It’s time, it’s time (said, of course, in the Alice Cullen New Moon birthday party voice)! It’s our second podcast! In this podcast, we talk to Angie about her experience on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet, and… the BREAKING DAWN TRAILER!! Do you have questions or comments for our podcast? Email us at tips@team-twilight.com [...]


Introducing The Team-Twilight Take, our new podcast series!

May 21, 2011    94 Comments

Here is the first what I expect will be many podcast from us here at Team-Twilight. We just talk about the latest news and our thoughts on things. We’re still feeling our way along but here’s what we have so far! This time around, you’ll hear from me, Angie, Naira and She! Do you want [...]


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