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Saturday Survey: What will you do after Twilight ends?

June 18, 2011    127 Comments

The end is a ways off still (a year and a half) but it is in sight nonetheless. So what will you guys do with yourselves after the last new stuff comes out? No more books, no more movies! Answer our poll and if you don’t see your answer, tell us in the comments! What [...]

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Saturday Survey: Who’s your favorite wolfpack member (books)?

March 5, 2011    81 Comments

A few weeks ago, we asked who your favorite human in the book series is. Now I want to know your favorite wolf (not including Jacob)!  I know you might have a favorite in the films but it could be different in the books. Tell us below. Who is your favorite wolf pack member in [...]


Saturday Survey: Will you watch the Oscars?

February 26, 2011    7 Comments

Earlier this week, Oscars producer Bruce Cohen teased a Twilight segment at The 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, which will take place tomorrow and air live on ABC at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Summit has confirmed that the surprise is not Breaking Dawn footage or cast appearances. But, nonetheless, the Twi-blogosphere is all atwitter about [...]

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Saturday Survey: Which human friend is your favorite (books)?

February 12, 2011    39 Comments

This is a question relating to the books, not the films: Which of Bella’s human friends is your favorite? Tell us why in the comments! Which is your favorite human friend in the Twilight book series?survey software

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Saturday Survey: Which film’s score is your favorite?

February 5, 2011    48 Comments

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s poll on the site, but here it is! With the recent news that Twilight composer Carter Burwell will be scoring parts one and two of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and then Carter’s tweet today that he has just written Renesmee’s Lullaby, I had inspiration for today’s [...]


SATURDAY SURVEY: Desert island: Twilight books or movies?

January 29, 2011    80 Comments

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take either the Twilight books OR movies, which would you take? Tell us why in the comments below, or discuss it in the chat! If you are stuck on a desert island, would you want your Twilight books or movies with you?online survey See [...]

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Saturday Survey: Are you satisfied with the ‘Breaking Dawn’ official images so far?

January 15, 2011    16 Comments

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon has been rather generous so far with official images from the film, considering they are only about half-way through filming.  Have you been satisfied with what we’ve been given to date?  Here’s a memory-jogger for you. Have you been satisfied with the ‘Breaking Dawn’ promo images so [...]


Saturday Survey: Which is your favorite Jasper hairstyle?

December 18, 2010    91 Comments

There’s been a lot of discussion about good and bad wigs and hairstyles in the Twilight films. I think Jackson Rathbone’s wigs have changed the most over the course of filming so far. While we haven’t seen his Breaking Dawn hair yet, I want to know, of the first three films, which is your favorite [...]


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