Saturday Survey: How many times have you read the Twilight series?

May 15, 2010    55 Comments

This week’s poll idea comes to us from Anne, and she wants to know: How many times have you guys read the Twilight series all the way through?? How many times have you read the Twilight series?online survey And feel free to sound off in the comments!


Saturday Survey: Should Renesmee be live action or CGI?

May 8, 2010    49 Comments

This idea comes from our frequent graphics contributor Unal! This week, we want to know: How do you think they should do Renesmee in Breaking Dawn? It will be a hard character to pull off on film, no matter what. If she is live action, they will still have to do a lot of CGI [...]


Saturday Survey: What do you think of Bill Condon as director of ‘Breaking Dawn’

May 1, 2010    17 Comments

With the official announcement this week that Bill Condon will be directing Breaking Dawn (even though we don’t know yet if it is one film or two), I want to know, what do you think of the choice of director? How do you feel about Bill Condon as ‘Breaking Dawn’ director?online surveys


Saturday Survey: What did you think of the final ‘Eclipse’ trailer?

April 24, 2010    34 Comments

So we finally got to see the final Eclipse trailer yesterday. WHAT DID YOU THINK? . What did you think of the final ‘Eclipse’ trailer?customer surveys


Saturday Survey: Which film has your favorite trailer?

April 17, 2010    33 Comments

This week’s question comes from TwilightForLife. She wants to know: Which has been your favorite trailer for the series so far, Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse? For the sake of making this easy, I am only asking about the first full length theatrical trailer for each film, which I am posting below the poll. SOUND [...]


Saturday Survey: Do you buy different versions of the DVDs?

April 10, 2010    8 Comments

This week, I want to know if you are willing to (or if you already did) buy multiple versions of the Twilight or New Moon DVDs to make sure you accumulated all the DVD extras? Would you buy multiple copies of a Twilight Saga DVD for different extras?polling


Saturday Survey: Do you buy the Twilight Saga movie companions?

April 3, 2010    18 Comments

With the release yesterday of the book cover for the Official Illustrated Movie Companion for Eclipse, I wanted to ask: Do you guys buy the movie companions for the Twilight films? Do you buy the Official Movie Companions?surveys


Saturday Survey: What is your favorite Twilight Saga poster?

March 27, 2010    37 Comments

So guys, I want to know which of The Twilight Saga theatrical one-sheets is your favorite?? Which is your favorite official Twilight Saga poster?polling


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