Christian Serratos

New Twitpic of Christian Serratos

February 11, 2012    No Comments

Here is a pic of Christian. It looks as if she is at a photoshoot. She looks amazing! Source: @TheKisshy Via: TVC

Alex M

Alex Meraz Tweets Photo of Himself Drawing in his Pajamas

December 18, 2011    No Comments

Check out this pic of Alex drawing! He really is talented!

Taylor Lautner UK BD Premiere 8

Taylor Answers Fan Questions From Glamour UK’s Twitter

December 6, 2011    No Comments

Taylor recently took over the Glamour UK’s Twitter account and answered fans questions! Check them out below! Hi Taylor here – hello to everyone here in the UK and can’t wait for the premiere tonight #AskTaylor Q) What’s your fave scene in Breaking Dawn? #AskTaylor @jennithom80 A) Probably the birth scene. It’s intense. Q) If [...]


How to spot a (Twilight) Twitter faker

December 4, 2011    2 Comments

It’s a regular occurrence here on Team-Twilight that we get questions asking for Kristen, Rob or Taylor’s official Twitter. It’s been confirmed by the stars themselves, co-stars, Summit Entertainment, and official reps for the stars that they do not have public Twitter accounts. They may have private personal ones but it is VERY unlikely those [...]


Julia Jones joins Twitter (and updated cast Twitter list) @JuliaRJones

November 30, 2011    No Comments

The lovely and talented Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) has joined Twitter. You can follow here her: @JuliaRJones See a full Twilight cast Twitter list below! Note: Rob, Kristen & Taylor are NOT on Twitter, as confirmed by several official sources. If you are following claiming to be one of them, they are FAKE. Aside from [...]

Taylor Lautner with Terri Seymour

New Photo of Taylor Lautner with ExtraTV’s Terri Seymour

November 5, 2011    No Comments

Here’s a pic with Taylor and Extra’s Terri Seymour. This looks to have been taken at the Breaking Dawn press conference. Via: TLI

Kelly Brook 1

Kelly Brook Dresses As Bella Swan For Halloween

October 30, 2011    1 Comment

Piranha 3D star Kelly Brook, dressed up as Bella Swan for Halloween! Check out the pics below! Kelly tweeted: “My boyfriend is going as Ed Cullen his mate is Jacob! I’m too old to be Bella lol what to do???” It seems like she got over her age concerns as she then tweeted: “Love being Bella ” The [...]

Kellan Lutz

Behind the scene phsoto of Kellan Lutz for Abbot + Main

October 5, 2011    No Comments

Abbot + Main reached over 500 followers on Twitter today, so they released a behind the scenes photo of Kellan Lutz working on the line. He looks like he was pretty hands on, on the project! Source: Abbot + Main


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