Christopher Heyerdahl’s interview with ‘Urban Rush’

June 23, 2012    1 Comment

Christopher talks to Urban Rush about his latest role in True Blood, Hell On Wheels, and the difference between being apart of “The Authority” on True Blood, and being apart of “The Volturi” in The Twilight Saga. Source: TVC

Leah Gibson 2

New portraits of Leah Gibson from Graphoart

February 13, 2012    No Comments

Here are a few pics of Leah Gibson, (Nettie – Eclipse). Via: TVC


Audi 2012 Super Bowl Commercial – Vampire Party

February 2, 2012    1 Comment

Check out this sneak peak of Audi’s 2012 Game Day Commercial – Vampire Party! You can catch this clip on Game Day during the 2012 Super Bowl!


Holiday gift ideas for the Twilight-obsessed loved one

December 15, 2011    16 Comments

It’s the holidays! Let’s face it. We love Twilight. And we love vampires and werewolves! For the fan in your household, or if you need to give your family and friends some new ideas this year, here’s a handful of must-haves! ~~ If you are looking for a light and fresh scent look no further. VAMPIRE [...]


A perfect holiday gift for the vampire lover in your life!

December 1, 2011    18 Comments

Some of you probably have the same problem that my family has. What to get the avid Twilight fan (like me) for a Christmas gift? I already have all the licensed stuff that they sell at Hot Topic, the posters, the Cafe Press shirts, the Tonner dolls, etc. Well, how about the sexy-scented Vampire Perfume [...]

Man at door with bouquet

NickMom: Top 9 Clues Your Daughter is Dating Edward Cullen

November 21, 2011    6 Comments

NickMom has created a list of 9 clues that your daughter might be dating Edward Cullen. These are cute! Check them out! That distant, detached look; the way she keeps complaining about the Volturi… hate to break it to you, but your daughter might be dating the Undead. 9. The day your daughter’s car got [...]


COUNTDOWN TO BREAKING DAWN giveaway: Vampire Fangs Necklace

November 8, 2011    28 Comments

For today’s giveaway, we have not one but TWO necklaces we are giving away, courtesy of Etsy seller Candy, who owns the shop mysweetn0vember. The necklaces feature a set of fangs with a little drop of blood! Cute, right? Check out Candy’s Etsy shop mysweetn0vember and see all of the items she currently has available! [...]


Anne Rice insults Twilight vampires, again

November 2, 2011    17 Comments

Anne Rice really likes to take jabs at Twilight, sparkly vampires and Stephenie Meyer. She’s done it before. A couple of times. Well, she’s gone and done it again. This time on her Facebook page. From THR: “Lestat and Louie feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun,” said Rice, referring to her popular [...]


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