From One Vampire To Another: Robert Sean Leonard Lends Advice To Robert Pattinson

May 26, 2011    No Comments

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Vamp-y director signs on to Summit’s ‘This Dark Endeavor’

May 24, 2011    No Comments

Matt Reeve, director of Let Me In, has reportedly signed on to direct the Frankenstein retelling This Dark Endeavor, which will be release by Summit Entertainment. Reeve is also set to direct the adaptation of vampire novel The Passage.  From The Playlist: The project has franchise potential which is likely why Summit is pushing it [...]


‘Breaking Dawn’ is one of a slew of vampire films set to hit the big screen

May 18, 2011    9 Comments

While we anticipate the November debut Breaking Dawn in theaters, we can look ahead to other various vampire films in production. Next Movie has a list of 10 upcoming vampire films. Here’s what they said about Breaking Dawn: Attached: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Status: The first part of the last part of the [...]


New trend: vampire face lifts?

April 7, 2011    4 Comments

This seems like another weird trend blamed on the popularity of Twilight and vampires.  Does it go too far? Is it any different than Botox? Does it really have ANYthing to do with vampires? Tell us in the comments! There’s a new kind of cosmetic procedure available, and it doesn’t require injecting any acids, fat [...]


Week in Review: What you missed this week

February 19, 2011    9 Comments

In case you missed some of the good scoop this week, here’s a “Week in Review” summary post so you can make sure you get our most popular and pertinent posts each week! February 12 – 18, 2011 Most popular posts: 1) Something to look forward to! Breaking Dawn wedding fan made art 2) It [...]


MTV asks: Are aliens the new vampires?

February 18, 2011    10 Comments

With the impending release of the film I Am Number Four, MTV asks “Are aliens the new vampires?” The film’s stars Alex Pettyfer and Timothy Olyphant, as well as the director DJ Caruso discuss the topic. Movie Trailers – Movies Blog Remember when people said zombies are the new vampires? Let’s face it, nothing will [...]


Twilight biting role-play takes it too far?

February 16, 2011    73 Comments

[Note: Not an actual photo of the subject of this story. These bite marks are just created using makeup.] A teen who told authorities that she was attacked while jogging was later found to be lying. It turns out, marks on her body were bite marks from vampire role-playing. Police said the girl is a [...]


Interview with a Vampire… Fan!

February 15, 2011    6 Comments

Waaaaay back in November we asked you to choose your favorite among various profiles on FangYourself.com, and whoever got the most “likes” would be featured on Team Twilight.  Now, I have been a big ol’ FAIL and it’s taken me three months to get this up! But here it is! The winner was S_Moon_S aka [...]


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