Christopher Heyerdahl’s interview with ‘Urban Rush’

June 23, 2012    1 Comment

Christopher talks to Urban Rush about his latest role in True Blood, Hell On Wheels, and the difference between being apart of “The Authority” on True Blood, and being apart of “The Volturi” in The Twilight Saga. Source: TVC


Fan Art Feature: The Volturi

June 15, 2011    3 Comments

This week’s Fan Art Feature will focus on the Volturi: Aro, Caius and Marcus! MiriamArtist Silveraaki Aaraujo Dean_Winchester Sam-i-amXD


Elle Fanning talks ‘Twilight’ in her new film ‘Somewhere’

December 20, 2010    3 Comments

[How cute are baby Dakota and Elle??] Dakota Fanning’s sister Elle has a movie releasing this season entitled Somewhere. It turns out that there is a scene in there where she talks about Twilight! And what Team do you think Elle says she’s on? Even movie stars aren’t immune to the power of “Twilight.” Elle [...]


Watch the iTunes cast and filmmakers chats

July 10, 2010    4 Comments

Here are youtube videos of the iTunes Eclipse cast and filmmakers chats. Some great insider discussion! Bryce Dallas Howard, Dakota Fanning, Xavier Samuel Part 1 Part 2 See more after the break.


Rob & Kristen Together? Charlie Bewley Sure Doesn’t Care

May 26, 2010    4 Comments

Don’t ask co-star Charlie Bewley if the two stars are dating, because his answer is apathetic to say the least. He says, “I think they’re great and both really cool, but I don’t care if they’re together or not.” Read some more! Add Charlie Bewley to the list of Twilight stars who thinks Breaking Dawn [...]


Trio of New Twilight Eclipse Posters Fail to Impress?

May 20, 2010    65 Comments

As you all may have seen, the three new posters were recently released promoting Eclipse:IMAX. However, Summit has not been getting good feedback. People are excited to see their favorite characters, but the quality and creativity was lacking. What do you think?? Summit Entertainment has released a trio of new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse transit [...]


Charlie Bewley talks about his bigger role in ‘Eclipse’

May 14, 2010    No Comments

OnTheRedCarpet caught up with Eclipse actor Charlie Bewley at the premiere of Letters to Juliet where he got a chance to talk about his part in the third installment of The Twilight Saga. GO HERE TO WATCH.


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