New cast photo from New Moon’s Volturia lair

March 25, 2010    49 Comments

This newly released photo features the actors during the filming of the Volturi lair scene, as well as Melissa Rosenberg (screen-writer) and Stephenie Meyer. Source & source


ReelzChannel: Scene by scene analysis of ‘Eclipse’ trailer

March 11, 2010    No Comments

ReelzChannel has an scene-by-scene analysis of the new Eclipse trailer that was released this morning.  Here is a tidbit: Remember those badass vampires we mentioned? Well, here they are. Say hello to the Volturi — Italy’s finest. Click here to see them all!


Twilight Lexicon Interviews Chris Heyerdahl

January 29, 2010    2 Comments

Twilight Lexicon has a two-part interview with Twilight: New Moon’s blood-thirsty Volturi vampire Marcus. They caught up with him at the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention, and this is what they have to say: We had the chance to interview Chris Heyerdahl at the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention in Miami. Chris was nursing a [...]


Uncensored interview with the cast of New Moon

January 20, 2010    16 Comments

I think I linked to part of this interview back in November, but I never posted the full video. So here is a really funny interview with the New Moon cast from No Good TV with Carrie Keagan. Oh, and a warning: NSFW. Thanks to Laura!


New cast interviews: Kellan, Ashley, Taylor and more!

December 9, 2009    6 Comments

Yup, another interview dump! Kellan Lutz talks to Entertainment Tonight Source


More cast interviews: Taylor, Ashley, Rob and more!

December 7, 2009    18 Comments

I am still mass posting cast interviews from the last few weeks. There will be a few more posts like this! The Volturi (Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning, Cameron Bright & Jamie Bower) talk to Reelz Channel.


EW tells us ’10 reasons YOU hate Twilight’

December 3, 2009    68 Comments

What? Hate Twilight??  Entertainment Weekly gives us ten reasons why people don’t like Twilight. Here are their reasons, but click here to see all the accompanying photos and reasoning. 1. Vampires shouldn’t sparkle 2. Bella is too broody 3. The baseball scene blew 4. Kristen Stewart’s perma-pout 5. Twi-moms are weird 6. There was too [...]


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