Holiday gift ideas for the Twilight-obsessed loved one

December 15, 2011    16 Comments

It’s the holidays! Let’s face it. We love Twilight. And we love vampires and werewolves! For the fan in your household, or if you need to give your family and friends some new ideas this year, here’s a handful of must-haves! ~~ If you are looking for a light and fresh scent look no further. VAMPIRE [...]


Grimm’s Monroe vs. Twilight’s Jacob – Who would win?

December 10, 2011    11 Comments

Grimm star Silas Weir Mitchell‘s character, Monroe, compares his character to Twilight’s Jacob. See what Silas says below: Silas Weir Mitchell thinks his wolfy Grimm character Monroe could totally take on Twilight‘s werewolf Jacob… but only if he didn’t rely solely on brute strength. “If you’re asking if Taylor Lautner‘s character could kick my a–, yeah he probably could,” [...]

Native Peoples Magazine Scan 1

Tinsel Korey & Chaske Spencer featured in ‘Native Peoples’ Magazine

October 23, 2011    No Comments

Tinsel Korey graces the cover of Native Peoples magazine this month, and there is an article titled “Giving Back in Hollywood” since Chaske and Tinsel are both well-known in the community and do good things with their fame and recognition. The article also talks about United Global Shift, among other organizations that help fellow Natives. There [...]


Help Twilight Fans for Shy Wolves Raise Awareness for The Shy Wolf Sanctuary

October 12, 2011    1 Comment

The Shy Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit organization for abused and neglected wolves and wolf dogs. It is also home to several other exotic animals. Their goal is to create a safe haven for all of these animals and to help educate the public. Please help spread the word about Twilight Fans for Shy Wolves, a campaign [...]


Win a $125 shopping spree to HalloweenCostumes.com!

September 8, 2011    No Comments

We are starting a give away today for $125 credit at HalloweenCostumes.com! The runner up will receive $75 credit to be used on their site. Their online store is stocked full of the costumes you might like to wear this Halloween (or just for dress-up fun!). You can’t be Edward Cullen without a proper bouffant [...]

saturday survey copy

Saturday Survey: Who’s your favorite wolfpack member (books)?

March 5, 2011    81 Comments

A few weeks ago, we asked who your favorite human in the book series is. Now I want to know your favorite wolf (not including Jacob)!  I know you might have a favorite in the films but it could be different in the books. Tell us below. Who is your favorite wolf pack member in [...]


The Wolfpack hits the streets of Vancouver

March 4, 2011    3 Comments

Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) posted this photo of himself out and about in Vancouver with some of the guys from the wolf pack. This is such a great photo! Also pictured: Bronson Pelletier (Jared), Tyson Houseman (Quil), Alex Meraz (Paul), and Kiowa Gordon (Embry). Thanks Sandie!


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