Photos: Taylor Lautner for L’Uomo Vogue

Taylor Lautner is featured on the cover of Italian Vogue (November 2011) and we’ve got the great (and unusual) photos from the spread! In keeping with the theme of Kristen Stewart’s GQ (UK) photo shoot, Taylor is underwater in these pics!

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  • guest

    Ooooh! HOT! But he needs to shave!

  • Sohot12319

    omg he is sooooo hot!!! xD

  • RFry58

    There has hardly been a photo of Taylor that I have not liked or
    Droodled over. He is so yummy.

  • Ana

    Oh my gosh he's just perfect :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_253ALN7AS45GXMLA2VI6WC23GY Melisa Prince

    taylor!!! omg!!!! you are just so sexy, can i just meet you? just once? :)

  • jay

    sooooooooooooooo unfair!!!!!!!!!!! put this magazine in the us!!! : ' (

  • Jared

    Love the scruff.

  • TaylorLautner<3

    I <3 yoooou:)
    (Btw, loose the stache, doesn't look hot at all.)

  • LadyTwilight5535

    SHAVE??? are you out of your MIND??? he looks absolutely gorgeous!!! the mini facial hair just adds to his sexiness!

  • trippinGOLDFISH

    Are you kidding? If anything, it makes him look older and sexier. Lol

  • EternalShade

    Not sure whats going on in picture four…

  • NaomiRz19

    OMG! Taylor is soo hot! :)

  • Linda

    Don't see anything HOT about these pictures! Taylor looked so much better in Twilight that was hot,

  • http://whatchalookinat-kl.blogspot.com/ KL☼ BD1♂ Csmpls♦ Ami♣ BD2♀

    I love how him and Kristen both did WATER shoots!!! ♥ Now we need Rob all WET…

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